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Kale Dip

Kale Dip

Yes, that’s me. The one who brings kale dip to the party.

Although, I brought summer rolls to the party this past weekend, too. And I would’ve brought dessert if my sister didn’t already claim that category. I’m not sure I could’ve topped a strawberry pie and s’mores.

I love dessert, but I also love kale. In my dream world, it’d show its leaves at every party, alongside the burgers, brownies and brews. A shot of green brightens up every picnic table – especially this time of year, when the leaves are young and tender.

Kale modeling

This is the season for garden-harvesting. The season where I begin to sneak out of the city to steal a few days at my parents’ countryside home, and then return with a garden’s worth of groceries. And hopefully a nice tan. And some dirt on my sneakers. And maybe some coconut milk from the kitchen cabinets (sorry mom).

This past weekend, we had a bonfire/food-fest at my parents’ house, where I took advantage of the backyard grocery store to whip up this dip. Inspired by a recipe seen on Whole Foods, it added a light addition to the table in┬ácomparison┬áto all the cheeses and hummus, and was deemed a success. This includes a thumbs up even among those friends who could care less about partying with kale.

Serve warm for best results and with a thicker cracker or pita chip.

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