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Easy Fruit Crisp in a Jar

Fruit Crisp in a Jar

Who doesn’t love eating out of mason jars? Or drinking for that matter.

I bought a simple glass water jug with a swing-top, and find myself drinking so much more water throughout the day as a result. There’s something majestic about glass.

Spooning fruit crisp out of it feels divine.

Fruit Crisp in a Jar

Apples are quickly beginning to take over farmer’s markets, with wooden boxes that leave little room for other fruit. This past weekend, however, I managed to snag a few of the lone cartons of raspberries sitting on the table. From my freezer I grabbed some late August peaches, and went to work making this crisp.

I wanted one last taste of summer, baked to perfection.

Crisps are so simple to make, and baking them straight in a jar makes for an equally easy presentation. I love how healthy crisps feel, and how few of the ingredients really need to be measured. This compared to much of the rest of the baking world. A spoonful of cinnamon here, a dash of ginger there. It’s really up to you.

If you can’t find berries (and didn’t save any summer peaches), I’m sure apples would work well here too. Given the jar method, choose a softer apple and slice thinly. This way you ensure you’ll end up with a soft, perfect-for-ice-cream dessert. Adorable, right?

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Individual Raspberry Sorbet and Lemon Pound Cakes

After planning out and cooking up a full-course meal, sometimes dessert ends up getting deserted. As time and energy simultaneously run out, and guests begin to arrive (or hungry and antsy family members starting calling for food), I often find myself abandoning my original plans to concoct some sort of fancy dessert. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love baking. But I love it best when I have a few hours to dedicate solely to the sugary process.

When occasions like these arise, there’s two options. Ask your guests to bring the dessert, or have an easy, go-to recipe on hand that you’re able to whip up in minutes. This recipe follows Plan B, and yields a desserts that will whew your guests with just less than 5-ingredients.

My lovely sister came up with this infallible combination:  Chocolate, lemon, and raspberry…I think that list speaks for itself. Plus, the sorbet keeps this dessert fairly light, perfect for times when your guests really can’t handle one of those heavy desserts you slaved away for hours to make anyways. And, if you go for a store bought pound cake, this will cool you down instead of heating up the kitchen. Win. I think this boy agrees.

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