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Lasagna Soup

Lasagna Soup

Lasagna is a sea of layers that melt so beautifully well together. As the Italians know best, tomatoes, pasta, herbs and cheese are four components destined to swim as a team in the culinary world.

Though, injure one of those teammates, and you’re in for a disappointing loss. Poor sauce = terrible lasagna. The wrong combination of cheeses = bland, not addicting results. Lack of herbs = an aggravating feeling that something is missing.

In order for lasagna to triumph, all of its key players need to be at the top of their game.  Lasagna can take some effort to assemble, so you better pick your team wisely or it may not be worth your labor. (I’m still working to come up with a vegan version to take home a gold. This roasted veggie version comes pretty close, but I’m still not sure the tofu ricotta quite takes the cheese – especially if you’ve been exposed to top of the line, traditional versions. Although, I must say the caramelized layers of veggies are undoubtedly memorable.)

If you’re not quite ready to full-on delve into the world of lasagna-making – a commitment to truly master – then I suggest starting with this soup. I’ll admit, given a competitive situation, it wouldn’t beat my favorite lasagna. But when it’s significantly easier to assemble, and so much lighter and healthier, who cares. As Prevention RD states, this is one pot meal that comes together within 40 minutes. Easy. The dollop of cheese that goes with it truly makes the whole dish, so make sure to include that extra  (but simple) step.

If there’s no time to prep the team needed of a lasagna worth making, or you simply want a pasta dish that won’t weigh you down, go give this a try. It’s a simpler, easier version of one my favorite oceans of flavor, a little bit of cheese included.

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