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Avocado Salmon Salad

Salmon is by far my favorite type of seafood. Well, actually, I’d probably say Chilean sea bass, but I’m not trying to feed too heavily into their extinction. Anyways, it’s rare that I’ll have leftover salmon from the night before, but when I do, it often gets turned into salmon salad. It’s a nice change of pace from tuna, especially when jazzed up with avocado and lime.

The avocado and salmon combo. is not only a flavor dream team, but it also packs this salad with omega-3s. Omega-3 is that essential fatty acid that keeps your brain running smoothly. My head’s always all over the place, so god knows I could use a little extra brain juice. Luckily, fish are full of them, and concurrently, avocados happen to be one of the highest plant sources as well.

The avocados also add an extra creaminess to this salad, making it pair perfectly with both bread and crackers. You take your pick.

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Herbed Salmon

I love being able to have fresh herbs in the garden.  I miss them dearly when it’s winter, and I miss them when they’re without of my reach in Philly.  Herbs turn into a lush ingredient when a store is required for obtainment, and much of the time they’re half dead anyways.  Unless I make it out to a trusty farmer’s market where I can pick my own, I go much of the year without fresh herbs.  Needless to say, I rejoice when I’m home amidst my mom’s luxurious herb quarters in the garden.

While dried herbs often work fine, there’s just something special about using fresh.  Here, they add a subtle, but enriching flavor to my favorite pescetarian item—salmon.  Tarragon adds hints of an anise-like flavor, but cooks into the salmon so as not to add an overpowering licorice flavor.  Dill and lemon also elements of freshness, without drawing too much from the actual flavor of the salmon.  Use a grill or broiler to get a nice crispy exterior, while keeping the center moist.

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Salmon Fish Tacos with Sweet Potato Puree

Fish tacos always resurrect memories of summer days spent working up an appetite alongside the ocean.  Some of the best fish tacos I’ve ever eaten are the ones I’ve gotten from boxy beach huts down by the shore. Nothing beats spending a hot afternoon swimming through cool, wavy water, only to finish it off by getting messy with a fresh fish taco.

While I’m unfortunately not down at the beach, I’ve still been enjoying some fantastic warm, sunny weather. To go along with it, I’ve also decided to whip up some light and fresh fish tacos so I can enjoy them too.

I decided to switch up the classic recipes that I’m used to tasting and throw in some of those nutrient-loaded sweet potatoes to compliment the salmon I chose for my base. The naturally creamy sweetness of the potatoes, along with the tender fish and fresh, crunchy cabbage slaw definitely made for a winning combination.  Cabbage is coming to its prime, so if it’s not growing in your garden, be on the lookout for it at your local farmer’s market.

You can bet I’ll be making some variation of these again. Hopefully I can make it to the beach by that time for a little extra inspiration!

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