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Kale Chips

A lot of food bloggers have already blogged about kale chips, but I wanted to post a recipe of them for those of you who have yet to come across these wonderful “chips”.  Kale chips are as tasty as potato chips, but don’t contain the excessive fat or a lack of nutrients that regular potato chips do.  In fact, kale is loaded with vitamins A, C, and K, as well as manganese and calcium.   Kale is also a great source of fiber and even naturally contains a fair amount of omega 3’s (good fat).  Ditch the substandard potato chips you’d buy at the store, and replace them with kale chips easily made right within your own home.  Another plus:  Kale is super cheap!

Kale Chips

-1 bunch of kale
-1 Tbsp. olive oil
-Nutritional yeast, optional

Preheat the oven to 350F.  Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or aluminum foil.  Wash and remove stems from kale.  Dry kale, and break into bite size.  Place the kale onto the lined cookie sheet.  Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and nutritional yeast.  Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes until the edges start to crisp up and turn brown.  Remove from cookie sheet.