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Sage and Stuffing Seasoned Quinoa

Sage and Quinoa Stuffing

Feeling too stuffed is a sensation I prefer to keep to a minimum. (Though, I feel very fortunate and blessed to live a life that extends these opportunities.)

Eating stuffing, however, is an experience I could welcome all times of the year, multiple days per month. The taste bud lingering flavors of sage, rosemary and thyme create a combination from which I rarely tire. Although, I must say all that bread that embodies the traditional recipe could eventually make my body say “no more”. No part of me is an anti-bread, low-carb advocate, especially when we’re discussing whole grains. But too many meals of it probably isn’t the optimal choice.

Instead, I’ve created a variation of which no one could debate its healthiness, utilizing quinoa – a protein and fiber filled superstar of the grain world. It just so happens it’s gluten-free, too.

Granted, I wouldn’t go so far as to call this stuffing, particularly if you consider yourself a stuffing junkie. It’s a tad more on the chewy side in comparison to its fluffy, conventional counterpart. However, it’s certainly a wonderful, healthier alternative with all the same flavors, and will make your body feel good, too.

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Quinoa Stuffing With Butternut Squash and Pecans

I am ridiculously excited for Thanksgiving! I can’t wait for the winding drive back to the country, the welcoming slobber from my dog, and my mom’s Thanksgiving stuffing cooking in the kitchen. Her stuffing is hands down my favorite part of every holiday meal. It’s always brimming with fragrant whiffs of sage and thyme that have me going back for one too many samples while she’s tweaking it on the stove. “Grace, keep your fork out of the pan!” It’s a yearly tradition…

In anticipation of her stuffing, I tested out this recipe I found via the NY Times to bring to one of the pre-Thanksgiving potlucks I was attending. I thought about calling my mom for her recipe, but then I decided I’d wait for her to feed me her signature dish. Just like Saturday morning omelets, it’s always better when Mom makes it.

I love the NY Times vegan collection they always publish leading up to the holidays. This particular recipe got bookmarked because I thought the healthy version of stuffing would bring a lot to a table full of heavy traditional dishes. Plus, ever since I started cooking quinoa, I haven’t gone back. I love the nutty grain, almost as much as I love toasted pecans.

I found the original version to be slightly bland, so I upped the traditional stuffing seasonings, adding an extra dose of sage and thyme. It’s a light and savory dish that would lend itself well to any Thanksgiving feast. It has all the flavor of stuffing, without that heavy bread feeling you get after finishing a pile of the standard version. I’ll definitely be making this again after the holidays finish up.

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