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Roasted Curry Butternut Seeds

Roasted Curry Butternut Seeds

So, this past weekend I made not one, but two fully furnished cutting boards. I also made a butternut squash, and toasted its seeds. And a bumblebee costume from yellow duck tape, wire, and saran wrap (for the wings).

A productive weekend, if I do say so myself.

Now we shall see how productive this week becomes, as I sit and dream about crafting more woodworking projects. And eat crunchy, curried seeds as my mind drifts afloat.

Roasted Curry Butternut Seeds

Far too often, I quickly open butternuts, and toss the seeds without thinking twice. Yet, I’ve toasted the seeds on numerous occasions, and should know better than that by now.

Butternut nut squash seeds are tasty. They can be salty. And spicy. Or sweet. Or both. And are certainly worthy of saving.

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A Visit to Vermont – for the farmers and the healthy foodies

Drying room at Stone Barns Center

To be interested in food and not food production is clearly absurd. – Wendell Berry

And so began a trip to visit farm after farm in Vermont.

My boyfriend and I became so excited about farm voyaging that our first stop to one actually occurred before ever exiting New York. The farm – Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hills – was one that would set a precedent for the remainder of the trip. Gorgeous, gorgeous pesticide-free produce grown amidst picturesque backdrops.

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

Stone Barns is an 80-acre operation dedicated to creating a sustainable food system through testing and utilizing farming methods that support this. It is a learning center for farmers, children and people from all over the world, and acts as an inspirational destination to connect people to the land that grows their food.

Yellow Ginger at Stone Barns

Take a stroll around and you’ll find ingredients of all kinds. For all four seasons throughout the year.

Greens at Stone Barns

In early fall, that means greens on greens on greens. Walking through the field above felt like walking through one of a Vitamix’s dreams. Endless green smoothies of all different leaves. Not a bad feeling.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

The farm is connected with renowned restaurant Blue Hill, known for elegant and innovative, multi-course feasts inspired by seasonal produce. It’s seated guests like Barack Obama and his lovely date Michelle, and was rated by Food & Wine as one of the world’s top 10 life changing restaurants. The decor was beautiful, and while I didn’t get a chance to dine there, I can only imagine what comes out of the kitchen.

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

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Euro-trip in Food

Grace Dickinson

So a lot has happened in the past few months. And I’ve learned a lot in the past few months. And I’ve had an ongoing serious of wake-up calls in the past few months. And I’ve learned to relax in the past few months. And I’ve felt happier than I’ve been in awhile in the past few months. And I really don’t know what the next few months will bring. But it’s spring. And what I’ve learned is to go with the flow. And to work hard. And life will be okay. Cheers.

I recently quit my job. A job that was bringing me down in multiple ways, and upon leaving, has made me feel liberated. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still more confused than ever about life. But I’m not stressing out every 5 minutes about what to do. Instead, I’ll be here freelancing my butt off and taking some space to be creative and let the right opportunities arise.

Something I learned recently after graduating from college is that you have to figure things out for yourself. But you don’t always have to have everything figured out. Coming to terms with this has helped me a lot recently.

A month or so after leaving my job, my friend Logan told me he was visiting some friends in Paris and Brussels. Knowing my newly flexible schedule, he kindly invited me to hop on board. I figured, what the heck, why not. My thoughts: free places to stay, who knows when I’ll have this flexible schedule again, and Europe in the springtime, um, yes please. Plus, as a writer, seeing and experiencing more of the world only ever helps development. (…meaning I should probably just keep on traveling, right? Kickstarter anyone?)

I booked my plane tickets and a week later hopped on a plane to Paris. I don’t regret the decision one bit.

So enough about my life, let’s get to the trip. The route: Paris –> Brugge –> Brussels –> Paris –>Nice –>Paris. Two weeks of excursion and lots of photo-taking. Photography and traveling are the current loves of my life. And waffles from Belgium. Sadly no French boys are in that equation, yet.

I’ve included mostly food-related photos below to give you a glimpse into the trip. I’ll be posting more photos throughout the next few weeks/months of people I met and landscapes that blew me away on my Tumblr. Feel free to stop by.

Since we already got the obligatory Eiffel Tower photo out of the way, let’s get straight to the food. Starting with a gigantic chocolate Gorilla head.

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I’m in Paris!

Paris pastries.


Please excuse me while I take a brief blog-cation. I hopped on a plane for a rather last minute trip to Paris this past Thursday. I will be traveling around France and beyond for the next couple of weeks!

Time permitted, I’ll post some yummy photos. I expect to consume much more cheese, pastries (and perhaps wine) than I’m used to…but when in France, do as the French do, right? Small portions, strong coffee and lots of great eats, indulgences included. Sounds good to me.