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The Ultimate Brownies

Still not sure what to bring to your family’s Easter celebration? ¬†Rest assure, that dark chocolaty square pictured above is always a safe bet. Nearly everyone loves a good brownie (especially the ones yielded from this recipe).

When I devour a brownie, I don’t want it to just be good. I want it to be great. The best. The kind where you can’t help but guiltlessly have yourself another one because they’re just that friggin’ delicious.

I’ve had a few of these types of brownies in my days (and more than a few that don’t quite meet these standards). But below, I unleash to you my friends the recipe for the BEST brownie I’ve ever tasted. As in so good that one bite might just spark a food orgasm in your mouth. Especially if you’re a sucker for chocolate like me.

The recipe comes from Cook’s Illustrated, a godly magazine on the food frontier. Cook’s doesn’t just create recipes. They test* and trial and transform classic recipes into science experiments until they generate an outcome that’s nearly perfect.¬† And for me, these brownies are just that. Perfect.

*(Sometimes carrying out as many as 70 test runs!)

Irresistibly fudgy, rich, and oh-so deeply chocolaty, these brownies are worth every last bit of splurge. A crisp exterior gives way to the moistest, fudgiest brownies I’ve ever eaten with chunks of bittersweet chocolate scattered throughout. Chocolate sublime.

The brownies require a few extra steps, but by now I’m sure you know I’m going to tell you they’re worth it. Make sure to follow the cooling instructions, as hard as that may be!

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